CD48019 : Global Air Power Series #2: North Korean & Iranian Mig-29

The second sheet in the "Global Air Power" series covers two interesting aircraft from international hot spots: North Korean and Iranian Mig-29 with special markings.

The North Korean Mig-29 featured on the sheet is "553". This sheet only became possible after good quality photos of the aircraft became public after the new North Korean leader Kim Jong-Eun's visit to the air base housing a Mig-29 unit. The Korean inscription near the cockpit gives the dates that this particular aircraft was inspected by late North Korean leaders Kim Jong-Il and Kim-Il Sung. We believe these are the first and only accurate decals for an operational North Korean Mig-29.

The Iranian examples are Mig-29 no. 3-6133 and Mig-29UB no.6305; both of which were photographed with a large eagle's head tail art during 2011.

The decals are designed to fit the 1/48 Academy Mig-29 kit. Full color painting instructions with color code suggestions are included.
This decal sheet is professionally silk screen printed in the Czech Republic.

SOLD OUT! We sold our limited print run very quickly. This sheet will be available from our resellers (such as Sprue Brothers in the US and Hannants in the UK) shortly.