CD72023 : Air National Guard F-4C/D Phantom

This decal sheet provides accurate, high quality markings for Air National Guard Phantoms from early 1980s, when the Phantom was the primary fighter in Guard service. The eight colorful options on this sheet are::

  • F-4C 64-0888 ("8-Ball"), 114 FIS, Oregon ANG
  • F-4D 66-5648, 179 FIS, Minnesota ANG
  • F-4C 63-7591, 111 FIS, Texas ANG
  • F-4D 66-7457, 171 FIS, Michigan ANG
  • F-4C 63-7576, 171 FIS, Michigan ANG
  • F-4C 64-0658, 123 FIS, Oregon ANG
  • F-4D 64-0949, 178 FIS, North Dakota ANG
  • F-4C 64-0914, 199 FIS, Hawaii ANG

National insignia, stencilling and walkways for one aircraft is included. This set was professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

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