CD48011 : Turkish Air Force F-4E/2020 "Terminator" Phantoms

This decal sheet provides three different marking options for Turkish Air Force F-4E/2020 Phantoms, known as the "Terminator" in Turkish service. These Phantoms were significantly upgraded by Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) in late 1990s. Equipped with a potent radar by Elta, and a completely revised "glass" cockpit with new HUD and displays; the F-4E/2020 is a very capable strike aircraft with similar capabilities to more modern aircraft. The F-4E/2020 will be in service until it is completely replaced by the F-35 Lightning II by 2020.

This decal sheet is based on extensive research and contains markings for all three operator squadrons. Two sets of stencilling and walkways are included. The instruction sheets contain extensive information on what kind of modifications are necessary to build an accurate F-4E/2020; as well as information on weapon load-outs.
The options on the decal sheet are:

  • 111. Filo ("Panter"-"Panther"), based at Eskisehir (1st Main Jet Base)
  • 171. Filo ("Korsan"-"Pirate"), based at Malatya (7th Main Jet Base)
  • 132. Filo ("Hancer"-"Dagger"), based at Konya (3rd Main Jet Base)

This decal sheet is professionally silk screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

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