CD144001 : KC-135R Stratotanker

The workhorse of the USAF tanker fleet since the 1960s, the KC-135 Stratotanker will be serving the USAF (and its allies) well into the 2010s. Our latest decal sheet is a very comprehensive tribute to the current version of the Stratotanker : the KC-135R.

Our first 1/144 scale sheet is a scaled-down version of our best-selling 1/72 KC-135R sheet. This extensive set features markings for 16 different units from every command that operates the KC-135R. We are sure you will agree that there has never been a more comprehensive KC-135R sheet in any scale!

While originally designed for the Minicraft KC-135R kit, all of the markings will work on the newer Roden KC-135R kit. The marking options on this set are:

  • KC-135R 62-3516, 161 ARW, Arizona ANG
  • KC-135R 62-3576, 157 ARW, New Hampshire ANG
  • KC-135R 63-8872, 157 ARW, Maine ANG ("Maine Freeze" nose art)
  • KC-135R 61-0305, 97 AMW, Altus AFB
  • KC-135R 61-4840, 121 ARW, Ohio ANG
  • KC-135R 62-3543, 459 ARW, Andrews AFB
  • KC-135R 58-0001, 100 ARW, RAF Mildenhall ("Wolff Pack" nose art)
  • KC-135R 58-0102, 434 ARW, Grissom AFB
  • KC-135T 58-0065, 22 ARW, Mc Connell AFB
  • KC-135R 60-0345, 127 Wing, Michigan ANG
  • KC-135R 60-0318, 154 Wing, Hawaii ANG
  • KC-135R 59-1506, 185 ARW, Iowa ANG
  • KC-135R 59-1500, 126 ARW, Illinois ANG
  • KC-135R 60-0348, 18 Wing, Kadena AFB
  • KC-135R 62-3512, 128 ARW, Wisconsin ANG
  • KC-135R 62-3514, 108 ARW, New Jersey ANG

Extensive stencilling for one aircraft is included. This set was professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

We will start shipping this reprinted decal set on November 18, 2023. You can preorder this decal sheet securely with your credit card or PayPal account now.
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Price: $15.99