Caracal Models CD144015 - B-36 Peacemaker

The B-36 Peacemaker was a true technological marvel and the largest combat aircraft ever built at the time. As the most capable bomber in the Strategic Air Command inventory, the B-36 was a very important deterrent in the early years of the Cold War; and remained in service until replaced by another legendary aircraft - the B-52.

Designed to fit both the newer Roden kit or the Hobbycraft kit, this 1/144 scale set provides markings for 20 Peacemakers covering almost every version of the B-36. Using the unit insignia and the spare digits provided, you can build almost any B-36 that served in these units.

The set also provides markings for the NB-36H (XB-36H) nuclear reactor test bed, which can be built by modifying your Roden or Hobbycraft kits using aftermarket parts.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • RB-36H 51-5754, 72SRW, Ramey AFB
  • RB-36E 44-92014, 72SRW, Ramey AFB
  • B-36F 50-1069, 6BW, Walker AFB
  • B-36F 49-2680, 6BW, Walker AFB
  • B-36D 44-92037, 42BW, Loring AFB
  • B-36J 52-2220, 95BW, Biggs AFB
  • GRB-36D 49-2692, 99SRW, Fairchild AFB
  • RB-36H 51-5729, 28SRW, Rapid City (Ellsworth) AFB
  • RB-36E 44-92020, 5SRW, Travis AFB
  • B-36A 44-92015 "City of Fort Worth", 7BW, Carswell AFB
  • B-36B 44-92028, 7BW, Carswell AFB
  • B-36B 44-92032, 7BW, Carswell AFB
  • B-36D 49-2652 "Petty Girl", 7BW, Carswell AFB
  • B-36D 50-1086 "Miss Featherweight", 7BW, Carswell AFB
  • B-36D 51-5734, 11BW, Carswell AFB - as seen in the movie "Strategic Air Command"
  • B-36D 44-92032, 325th BS, 92BW, Fairchild AFB
  • B-36D 44-92065, 326th BS, 92BW, Fairchild AFB
  • B-36D 44-92072, 327th BS, 92BW, Fairchild AFB
  • EB-36H 51-5726, 4925th Test Group (Atomic), Kirtland AFB
  • NB-36H 51-5712 nuclear reactor test bed

Accurate stencilling and national insignia to build any one of the options is included. All of the sheets in this set were professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

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