CD48003 : Air National Guard F-100C/D/F

Our first jet decal sheet will provide long sought-after Air National Guard markings for 4 different states in SEA camouflage scheme. The aircraft covered in this sheet are:

  • Connecticut ANG F-100D
  • Connecticut ANG F-100F
  • Georgia ANG F-100D
  • Georgia ANG F-100F
  • Indiana ANG F-100D ("City of Terre Haute"-last F-100 flight in USAF
  • Indiana ANG F-100F
  • Missouri ANG F-100C
  • Missouri ANG F-100D
  • Missouri ANG F-100F

This sheet includes maintenance stencils (many of which are unique to camouflaged ANG aircraft) and national insignia for one aircraft. This decal sheet was professionally silk screen printed by Microscale in the US.