Caracal Models CD48068 - OV-10A Bronco

Specially designed for counter-insurgency (COIN) operations from the outset, the versatile OV-10 Bronco served the US military with distinction from the Vietnam War to the first Gulf War; and many examples are still serving around the world. Our first decal sheet for the Bronco provides a wide variety of marking options for this important combat aircraft.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • OV-10A Bronco 67-14658, 19th TASS, USAF (Vietnam)
  • OV-10A Bronco 67-14649, 22nd TASS, Wheeler AFB, USAF
  • OV-10A Bronco 68-3792, 19th TASS, Osan AFB, USAF
  • OV-10A Bronco 67-14698, 20th TASS "Misty", Shaw AFB, USAF
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155405, VMO-6, US Marine Corps (Vietnam)
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155427, VMO-6, US Marine Corps
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155444, VMO-1, US Marine Corps
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155425, VMO-2, US Marine Corps
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155499, NATC, US Navy
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155471, VAL-4 "Black Ponies", US Navy (Vietnam)
  • OV-10A Bronco "0068", Venezuela Air Force

Full stencilling and national insignia to build any one of the options are included. This sheet was professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

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