Caracal Models CD48146 - 1/48 F-82 Twin Mustang

The F-82 "Twin Mustang" was too late for WWII and its service in USAF was short, but its unique looks and performance earned distinction over Korea. For this new sheet, we researched some of the most interesting markings carried by this type. Most of the options we provide on this sheet are for the F-82G variant, but we also include markings for one 27th FEG F-82E.

This set was designed for the new Modelsvit kit, but the markings should also work on the older Modelcraft kits. Note that the profiles below do not show the F-82G radar pod for clarity.

The options on this sheet are:

  • F-82G 46-356 "Lackin' Blackin'", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-367 "Lover Boy", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-371 "Da'Quake", 68th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-379 "The Dull Tool", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-381 "Zero Zero", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-383, first air-to-air kill of the Korean War by 1LT W.A.Hudson and 1LT C.S.Fraser, 68th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-392 "Our Lil' Lass", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-394 "Dottie Mae", 4th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-395 "The Beast of the Far East", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-400 "Call Girl", 4th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-401 "Gruesome Twosome", 339th F(AW)S
  • F-82G 46-403 "Miss Carriage", 4th F(AW)S
  • F-82E 46-354 "Double Indemnity", 27th FEG

National insignia and stencilling for one aircraft is provided. The main sheet and serial number sheet were professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy. The F-82E national insignia insert is professionally screen printed by Microscale in the US.

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