Caracal Models CD48149 - F-15E Lakenheath Strike Eagles

The subjects in our first 1/48 scale sheet for the F-15E Strike Eagle consist of 10 aircraft from the 492nd and 494th Fighter Squadrons based at RAF Lakenheath in the UK.

Seven of these Strike Eagles wear unique and attractive nose art with popular culture subjects; applied for the 2018 deployment of the 494th in the Middle East. We also include markings for a 492nd FS jet and for the commanders' jets for both units. Unique and colorful air intake cover markings for both units are also included on the sheet.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • F-15E 91-0311, 494th FS
  • F-15E 91-0324, 494th FS
  • F-15E 91-0326, 494th FS
  • F-15E 91-0329, 494th FS
  • F-15E 91-0335, 494th FS
  • F-15E 00-3003, 494th FS
  • F-15E 00-3004, 494th FS
  • F-15E 91-0320, 494th FS
  • F-15E 97-0221, 492nd FS
  • F-15E 97-0219, 492nd FS

Accurate stencilling and national insignia to build any one of the options is included. All of the sheets in this set were professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

The F-15E stencilling sheet in this set is also available separately as a Caracal Models Basics item (CDB48006). The recommended kits are Great Wall Hobby (GWH) and Revell F-15E kits in 1/48 scale.

SOLD OUT! We sold out our entire print run of this very popular sheet. Please check our resellers (such as Sprue Brothers in the US, and Hannants in the UK) to check if they have any in stock.