Caracal Models CD72077 : Strategic Air Command B-52G/H Stratofortress - Part 1

Following our very successful (now sold out) current/modern B-52H sheet; we present the first sheet in a new series of Strategic Air Command (SAC) era B-52 Stratofortresses. This sheet provides eight marking options for SAC B-52G/H's with unique and colorful nose art, including several that took part in Desert Storm.

A comprehensive set of stencils and extra serial number digits are also provided. The aircraft featured on this sheet are:

  • B-52G 58-0178 "Old Soldier", 43rd BW
  • B-52H 60-0024 "I'll Be Seeing You", 416th BW
  • B-52H 60-0007 "Medal of Honor", 7th BW
  • B-52G 58-0182 "What's Up Doc?", 379th BW
  • B-52G 58-0164 "SAC Time", 416th BW
  • B-52G 58-0249 "Urban Renewal", 379th BW
  • B-52G 58-0217 "The Liberator", 379th BW
  • B-52G 59-2580 "Miss Piggy", 97th BW

Full stencilling for one B-52G/H is included. All of the sheets in this set were professionally silk screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

SOLD OUT! We sold out our entire print run of this very popular sheet. Please check our resellers (such as Sprue Brothers in the US, and Hannants in the UK) to check if they have any in stock.